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Woodblock books identification


I’ve a few of these and struggling with identification. Can you help?

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    Volume 41 of Yamato Bunko by Mantei Oga (万亭應賀) and illustrated by Toyokuni III (豊国) and Utagawa Kunisada II (二世歌川國貞).  see



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    椿説弓張月 Chinsetsu Yumiharizuki , book by Takizawa Bakin (aka  Kyokutei Bakin) 曲亭馬琴



    "Chinsetsu Yumiharizuki" (The Tale of the Camellia Bow and Moon) is a reading book written by Kyokutei Bakin and illustrated by Katsushika Hokusai. It was published between 1807 and 1811. It consists of 30 volumes. It was published by Hirabayashi Shogoro and Bunkokudo Nishimura Genroku (wikipedia in Japanese)

    The 30 volumes are available at :


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    The first book would be easier to identify with the colophon (usually the last page). The second book is by 橘守國 Tachibana Morikuni entitled 花鳥畫譜 kachō gafu (paintings of flowers and birds), publisher kyūkodō, date 1886. Waseda has digitized a copy of the book


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    The first book is some sort of school manual

    Title : 学校用地文学 (actually 學校用地文學)

    Author (translator?) Sekitō Naruo (関藤成緒) edited by Uchida Yoshikazu

    Publisher: Yoshikawa Hanshichi, Bungyokuho

    Year of Publication: Meiji 16

    Naruo has a wikipedia page in Japanese

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    One of the 3 books : volume 2 of 近世紀聞 chronicles of recent past (from the Azuchi-Momoyama period to the end of the Edo period), in (at least?) 3 volumes

    author 染崎延房輯 Somezaki Nobufusa

    date Meiji 8

    元治元甲子年之事件 (incident during the Genji era, i.e. 1864)

    The situation for this book is rather confusing, because there are several books with that title and author, different dates, subtitles, publishers, number of volumes. I would not venture giving more info without reading the colophon and/or frontispiece.


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    The 2 books on an image: volumes 13 (right) and 14 (left) of a 20-vol. book entitled 菊壽童 kikujudō, written by [山東] 京山 [Santō] Kyōzan, illustrated by 國貞 Kunisada I, published by Eikyūdō between 1827 and 1852

    waseda has the 20 volumes


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    volumes 13 (right) and 14 (left) are actually labelled 七上 and  七下, the two parts of vol. 7, a standard way of numbering such multi-volume books

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