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what is this triptych by Kunichika about


Help me understand the scene

  • lucienne parkan

    The ARC have the right and center panels, with the signature of Kunichika.

    In my opinion the left panel bears two signatures, but I would appreciate a sharper image (thanks)
    Kunichika hitsu 国周筆 and
    (?)Chikanobu hitsu (? 周延筆 )

    In about 1862, Chikanobu began working with Toyohara Kunichika (1835–1900) studying actor portraiture, which Kunichika, his contemporary, was famous for.  Later on Chikanobu and Kunichika would compete in designing actor prints for the same kabuki plays, but Chikanobu would go on to an expanded range of subject matter.
    In 1871 Chikanobu established himself in Tokyo as a woodblock print artist, designing prints of familiar subjects such as the Yoshiwara pleasure quarters, scenic views and actor prints.

    I think this print shows a large "fan club" of these actors which might be related to the New Year's performance if Keisei Soga Kuruwa Kagami (see kabuki21)
    2nd lunar month of 1867: premiere at the Ichimuraza of Kawatake Shinshichi II's  new year sogamono "Keisei Soga Kuruwa Kagami", in which was premiered the drama "Oshizu Reiza"; Tanosuke played the roles of the courtesan Ôiso no Tora (Jûrô's lover), the geisha Oyuki, the Miuraya keisei Iwafuji and Oshizu [more details].

    Sawamura Tanosuke III 沢村田之助

    Ichimura Kakitsu IV 市村家橘

  • lucienne parkan


    May 2024 bring you happiness !

    Could you please post a sharp image of the left panel ? For personal satisfaction I really need to see detailed signatures.

    Merci beaucoup

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