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Triptych Identification


Hello; I found a triptych which I cannot identify after searching for both the identifying marks and the subject. I believe the center figure is an actor. The setting, landscape with snow and the possibly religious figure and courtesan intrigued me. Any info will be greatly appreciated .

  • lucienne parkan

    There doesn't seem to be a performance where these actors performed together holding these roles. I think this might br a mitate (mitate are portrayals of actors in imagined or fantasy roles, which they never actually performed on stage)

    William Pearl, the creator of Kuniyoshi Project, dates the artist's signature to 1831-1833.'s%20signatures.htm

    The time span during which the actors held these names is between 03/1832 and 12/1845 (individual dates noted above each name)

    Hereunder details

    08/1831 to 12/1845
    Onoe Eizaburô III  尾上栄三郎 as
    Nanaaya (けいせい七綾) as the courtesan (keisei)

    03/1832 to 10/1850
    Bando Mitsugoro 坂東三津五郎 as
    role unidentified

    11/1815 to 03/1848
    Onoe Kikugoro III  尾上菊五郎 as
    ???? 実ハよし門  ???? jitsuha Yoshikado
    (role partially unidentified)

    Publisher: Yamaguchi Tobei

    I would enjoy discoving the missing roles of this interesting scene and will try to do so if  you post sharper images of center and left panels.

    • Cjm

      Hello, my apologies for not uploading the detailed photos sooner. I appreciate your email ; please forward me your contact info if you’re interested in additional photos or info. Again, I appreciate your time and expertise!

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