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Small Kunisada print


This small (11x12cm) print of actor Nakayama Bunshichi is also on an oban print by Kunisada with 2 other actors. I wonder why this small print was produced. It is not a cutout of the oban print because on the latter the background is red (the text is exactly the same though). The other difference is the round seal, which doesnt seem to be a date seal. I didnt find it among the publisher seals in Mark’s book.  That seal is also on a print by Harunobu of the same  origin (it has been in the family for decades)  which also seems to have been printed separately from the book it belongs to, without the page number in the margin.


  • Horst

    Hello manuD

    Unfortunately I can't help you with the seal.

    But the print is a recut. I first noticed this by the writing of the name at the bottom left: haimei Yoshio (俳名由男). On the original print it's a somewhat "current" writing style.
    Then I noticed many other small differences.

    Your print may come from a later (Meiji period) anthology of actors.
    The round seal may be an unknown publisher's seal (I can't read it).

  • manuD

    Thank you Horst. These round seals are really hard to read. The left character looks like 馬 but the character for the year of the horse is different, and anyway I think like you that it is a publisher's seal

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