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Hello, I have seen this print online in blogs, publications and for sale in online shops. When I uploaded the print I have to this site to find out more about it the result was that it could not be located.  The site generated the link above with the suggestion to post in this forum.

I think the name of the print is “Silver Cobweb”.  I am not certain of the artists name.  I believe it is an early print from the 1900’s but still not sure.
I have had the print for at least 12 years.  A friend got it at auction when he was visiting the orient and gifted it to me along with a folio I hope to post soon.  The total measurement of the paper is “9” x 6 1/2”. The measurement of the art printed is 8” x 5 1/4” which includes margins.  Without margins the measurement is 7” x  4 3/4”.

Note:The cobweb does appear to have a silver effect that is hard to see straight on.  There are small holes on one side which looks to be from being attached in a folio.  These photos were taken indoors with overhead lighting.  I did not adjust the color.

i am interested in finding out the artists name, approximate age, price, and thoughts on condition.  Any information would be appreciated and my thanks in advance!

  • manuD

    This print is a page from a book of Kyoka patterns with the title 京華圖案 (Kyoka zuan) published in 1897. Your image was posted upside down.

    Some pages of the book are displayed on this Chinese page:

  • Wormwoodtim

    [caption id="attachment_1467" align="alignnone" width="219"]Thank you for advising me of correct orientation of print.  Fixed. I appreciate your prompt informative response.[/caption]

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