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Shodo Kawarazaki Woodblock Prints?


I have inherited 2 woodblock prints that my grandmother purchased in Japan in the late 60s or early 70s.  Based on the seal, I believe these to be from Shodo Kawarazaki.    From searching, the one on the right of Narcissus flowers looks to be Scene No 14.  But, I cannot locate a match on the one with white flowers on the left.  Anyone know the title of that one?

Also, the writing on the bottom left (?publisher, printer and carver seals) on both is not in a cartouche block like I’ve seen.  They are characters only.  Any significance with that?

I appreciate your help and any thoughts on the prints!


  • @Becky, the title of the print on the left is "wabisuke". All prints carry: artist’s seal within the image area; title in upper left margin, publisher, printer and carver seals in lower left margin. The information on the right is the edition; these seem to both be first editions as the edition information isn't normally included on the later open editions.

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