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Prints left by my father…


My Dad served in Okinowa during the Korean war. I do believe he got to Tokyo and some other cities in Japan as well. I found these prints rolled up in a shipping tube . I thought they were cool and was in an all things oriental phase anyway – so I got them framed. Now I have nowhere to put them and have no idea how to even value them.

Here’s what I know from left to right after doing image searches, I was unable to find some of them in the database:
#1 “A Beauty with a Cat”  (This looks so much like #2) Matsumura Keibun?

#2 Katsukawa Shungyo, from Ukiyo-e-ha-gashu “Beauty Reading a Book”

#3 Miyagawa Choshun from Ukiyo-e Woman in Kimono

#4 Do Shin “Lady Looking Back” is actually printed at the bottom. I’m not inclined to take frames off, but maybe I need to to know more about these prints.

I know so little about Japanese art. I see some prints are worth $10 and another one of the same artwork will be $200. I realize these are just decorative, not originals, but I’m clueless as to how to value these.

Thanks for any information you can give. Maybe once I know a bit more, I can forward pictures of the prints that aren’t in the database to the administrator.



  • manuD

    1. Katsukawa Shunshō (1726-1793) signing 春章画, although I dont read the third character that way. The print has been attributed to Shunshō by a Japanese website.

    2. 勝川春暁 Katsukawa Shungyō signing 鶴僊斎春暁圖 Tsurusesai Shungyō zu

    3. Miyagawa Choshun signing 日本繪 宮川長 春圖 Yamato-e Miyagawa Choshun zu, seal 長春之印 Choshun no in

    4. Kaigetsudô Ando signing 日本戯畫 懐月堂 圖之 Yamato giga Kaigetsudô zu

    The price depends on the seller, if it is ebay or Sotheby's. It also depends on whether it is a lithograph or a halftone print. I would say that prints 3 and 4, being from the Kaigetsudô school, have more decorative value.

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