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hi I have this print and it wasn’t found within any of the collections here. Does anyone know anything about it? Thank you
  • Horst

    To me it doesn't look like a print, but rather a hand drawing after a print.
    It is impossible to say when, where and by whom the drawing was made.

    The "print" is part of a kabuki multisheet composition.
    Depicted is the actor Nakamura Daikichi [I] (中村大吉), role nyōbō Okinu (女房おきぬ) in the play “Soga moyō imose no kumi obi”, performed at the Nakamura Theater in 1/1819.
    Signature is “Toyokuni ga” (= Toyokuni I); publisher seal Matsumura Tatsuemon.

  • Janesays

    Thank you so much for your reply and the information. It’s been in my family for more than 75 years so I was curious about it. Thank you again

  • Horst

    Correction: Lucienne pointed out to me that I misread the role name. It is nyōbō Ohatsu (女房おはつ) and not nyōbō Okinu (女房おきぬ).
    She is right. But unfortunately no play can be found in the databases in which Daikichi played this role.

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