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Print artist and subject


I would be grateful if someone could tell who the artist, publisher and date of the print and subject. There is also an image of the printed paper it is attached to and would be interested in what the subject of the text is.

Many thanks indeed.


  • manuD

    It is difficult to make sense of this print. Anyway here are a few indications.

    The signature could be that of (Yukawa?) Shōdō signing 應需 松堂筆 ōju Shōdō hitsu. Another print in the series is signed Chikashige.

    title of the series 皇朝各侯名氏鑑

    round date seal : boar 4 (4th month of the year of the boar, 1875). Never seen the oval seal below it. To the left is the carver's name ?江彫亀

    title of the print ? : 三拾五方右常州水戸城

    no publisher's seal

  • manuD

    The print by Chikashige is also dated 1875, and the printed paper is dated meiji 23, so it is probably a sheet of paper for backing the print

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