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Please help me identify these prints


I received about a dozen Japanese prints as a result of a friends passing a few years ago.  I’ve been able to identify most of them, but cant seem to find anything on these three.  I know one is a Nakayama, but i cant find this particular print anywhere.  I believe the Madonna print might be a the work of the Japanese Carmelite nuns, but I’m not sure.  The last print, I have no information on at all, except for the reverse of the frame which show it was sold at the Harry H. Taws gallery in Philadelphia, which my research shows was a high end art gallery founded in Philly in 1897 has since closed.  Thanks for any help.

  • manuD

    the top print is signed 梅月 Umezuki, it is among the prints that I believe are for the tourist market (see On the second row is a watercolor by Takashi Nakayama (1893-1978). The last print is Chinese, titled 桐陰逭暑圖

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