Passengers on a Ferry, Artist: Kuniyasu (1794 – 1832)

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Passengers on a Ferry, Artist: Kuniyasu (1794 – 1832)


  • lucienne parkan

    Could you please post sharper pictures if the actor names ? I don't think the right and center sheets match

  • manuD

    The actors are

    瀬川菊之丞 Segawa Kikunojō V as Yajūro's wife Satsuki (さつき)

    尾上菊五郎 Onoe kikugorō as Takahashi Yajūrō (高橋弥十郎)

    岩井半四郎 Iwai Hanshirô VI as Oni (おぬい)

    松本幸四郎 Matsumoto Kôshirô V as 左枝大学之助

    The name of the actor with a falcon is unreadable seems to end with juro, maybe  Ichikawa Danjūrō VII

    The play is probably Ehon gappō gatsuji (絵本合法衢) performed at the Ichimura in 05/1824


  • lucienne parkan


    Tentatively these are the actor names I read but am waiting for sharper images of before confirming
    Utagawa Kuniyasu (歌川 国安, 1794–1832)

    松本幸四郎  Matsumoto Koshiro V (1801-1838)
    岩井半四郎 Iwai Hanshiro V (1804-1832)

    関三十郎 Seki Sanjuro II (1807-1839)
    坂東三津五郎 Bando Mitsugoro III (1799-1831)

    瀬川菊之丞 Segawa Kikunojo V (1815-1832)

    尾上菊五郎 Onoe Kikugoro III (1815-1848)
    岩井粂三郎 Iwai Kumesaburo II (1812-1832)


  • Horst

    I think it's not a kabuki print, but rather the print depicts actors on a leisure outing.

    Actor names from left:
    1 岩井粂三郎 Iwai Kumesaburō [II]
    2 尾上菊五郎 Onoe Kikugorō [III]
    3 瀬川菊之丞 Segawa Kikunojō [V] (standing woman)
    4 市川団十郎 Ichikawa Danjūrō [VII] (kneeling man center sheet, name top right center sheet)
    5 坂東三津五郎 Bandō Mitsugorō [III]
    6 岩井半四郎 Iwai Hanshirō [V]
    7 松本幸四郎 Matsumoto Kōshirō [V]

    Lucienne was a little faster than me. :)
    But we differ on one name. But I'm sure it's Ichikawa Danjūrō ​​not Seki Sanjūrō.
    Some kanji is unreadable, but facial recognition helps a little.

  • manuD

    I found a quadriptych by Kuniyasu with the same actors, in particular  Segawa Kikunojō as an onnagata, with the roles next to the name, so I assumed the triptych was about that play, but Horst is probably right that it is not a scene in a play. Wouldnt that be what is called a mitate-e, where actors are gathered who didnt play together ?

  • Horst

    This is a question of how to define "mitate".
    Normally "mitate" in the context of kabuki prints means a scene from a play, but the actors did not play this scene together in reality.
    Other prints depict actors on a group outing in leisure time (I know more than 100 such prints by Kunisada); sometimes the names are mentioned on the print, but usually not. See examples 1 to 3.
    And there are also prints with actors on an outing; the actors are depicted with role attributes; Actor name and role name are mentioned. See example 4.

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