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Nishijima Katsuyuki print — unable to identify


Hello. First time user.

I am trying to identify the attached print by Nishijima Katsuyuki. I’ve searched this site and found quite a few other prints by Nishijima but not this one.

It is signed in lower right margin, title in lower center, and numbered 35/100.

Any help with the title and maybe point me to where I can get a rough value.

Many thanks.  :o)

    • gil

      Many thanks for identifying the print. What amazes me is that a search of the artist on this website returns 939 images but not this print. Searches on other woodblock websites return many images of other prints by the artist but not this one.

      How strange (how is it possible?) that this print doesn't show up? While it is an edition of just 100 surely somebody somewhere has sold a copy or has one for sale.

      Or is this print quite rare in comparison to other prints by Nishijima Katsuyuki?

      How can I value it?

      Thanks for your thoughts.

  • manuD

    There may be many explanations as to why your print is not found online, the most likely one imho is that the owners of such prints have no reason to post them on internet. The value of a print depends, among other criteria, on who is selling.

    There a few prints by Nishijima for sale in the current and previous auctions of Artelino

    • gil

      Thanks for your reply. I had searched Artelino auctions as well as a number of woodblock print dealers both in the US and overseas.

      I understand your explanation but it still strikes me as odd that I can't find an example of this Nishijima print for comparison.

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