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Looking for more information about these prints


Good morning, I recently bought 4 framed block prints at an estate sale. Each is approximately 4″ wide and 6″ tall. Thanks to ukiyo-e.org, it seems to be a reprint from “Seiro Geisha Sen.”

I not been able to find any  information or pictures of the other 3, Links to the pictures and what little information I have, is below.

1. https://data.ukiyo-e.org/uploads/images/33ef7ab43d4a156d7c81d709f87c53bd.jpg
Written on the back is 'Printed in the 1870s'
2. https://data.ukiyo-e.org/uploads/images/77ef1346e10f0d590f31a703b3297f0c.jpg
3. https://data.ukiyo-e.org/uploads/images/64f4e19c612ebe70f6d5660f76b27e71.jpg
Written on teh back is 'by Toyokum I. Printed in the 1850s'
Any additional information is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
  • manuD

    these are 3 pages from an ehon (illustrated book). The title is usually in the left or right margin, but, if present, it is hidden by the matting.

    Toyokuni I died in 1825 and his signature is not on the page

    • skimperscamp

      Thank you very much. One page did have something in the margin, but Google translate wasn't much help and translated it to 'books.' 'committee,' and 'library' among other things.

      If I may ask, is there a way to date how old the pages are?

      Again, thank you for the assistance you have already given me.

  • manuD

    On print 3, the woman's hairdo is from the late 18th or early 19th c. The man on that print is 三条後鍛治宗次 Sanjō Gokaji Munetsugu (swordsmith from Kamakura), so the novel might be one written by Ryukatei Tanekazu 柳下亭種員 (wild guess).

    If you post the writing on the margin, one might be able to identify the book.

  • skimperscamp

    Thank you. Here are pictures of the man and woman page unmatted. The writing in the margin seems to have been cut off. I will create separate posts for the other 2 pages.

  • skimperscamp


    Side margins from book page 2. Please let me know if they are not clear enough.

  • skimperscamp

    Page 1 has been taped to the frame matting and this picture is its back. There is some writing on the lower left side ...is there enough there that I should remove the page from the mat and take a proper picture?



  • manuD

    the text in the margin of the print glued to the mat is just the page number, 二十四 (24), no need to unglue it.  The two other prints are from two different books, but since the characters are cut in half by the fold, the titles are hard to read. The one with Sanjo might be 委文渾二十二, and the other one might start with 五色右, but these dont seem to correspond to known book titles.


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