Is this really designed by Hokusai?

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Is this really designed by Hokusai?


This image, I was told, was designed by Hokusai. However, no signatures…so suspicious. Any help on identifying this image designer would be great. Thank you.

  • manuD

    Your print seems to be from a 20th c. book of reproductions of works by famous artists, for several reasons : it is advertised for sale on several online sites with the title 雨乞ひ (prayer for rain) and author Hokusai, there is too much variety of colors for it to be of 19th c., the red color only appeared on woodprints in the late 19th c., I have not found it when searching with that title the collections of museums.

    The fact that it is not signed is not suspicious if the original is a page from a book entirely by Hokusai. I believe that this is the case, and that your print is a colored reproduction from a book by Hokusai. But there is most of the time a caption of a few characters on Hokusai's prints, so some doubt remains as to the author.


    • NShmlm

      Thank you. It is nice to know that it possibly could have been designed by Hokusai. The style certainly seems to be of the Katsushika Hokusai workshop, but it could also have been by one of his students or his daughter as well. This image is most likely not a woodblock print but a machine-printed copy as there is a lack of baren-marks in the back of the image... Thank you again for the information.

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