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Identify series of advice to women of Kuniyoshi




I cannot figure the series, the publisher nor the specific subject. The Edinburgh Library description for 315

  • manuD

    the publisher is Hori Takichi, aka Ōtaya Takichi. The two round censor seals tell us that the date is 1847-1852. The title of the series is too cursive to be readable. You might find the print on the Kuniyoshi project website, which however does not list a series by a name like "advice to women"

  • MichaelO

    I think the print depicts two actors playing a variant of the game of ken. The last characters of the cartouche look like けん, ken.  I looked for the print on-line but cannot find a copy.  Is there any chance of seeing a copy with better resolution? 

  • lucienne parkan


    For a better image click here

    so far this is the info I have

    artist signature
    Ichiyûsai Kuniyoshi ga (一勇斎 國芳 画) with Yoshi Kiri seal

    Mera, Murata 1847-1850

    Ōtaya Takichi 太田屋多吉

    actors (facial recognition)

    Ichimura Uzaemon 市村羽左衛門
    Ichikawa Kuzo 市川九蔵

    partial reading of title cartouche
    流行 Ryūkō
    あ ? まけん

    • MichaelO

      Thank you for your detailed notes and transcriptions of the kanji. It’s a ken print. I have learned that the full title of the print is:
       流行あ津まけん — Ryūkō Azuma-ken — Popular Azuma-ken.
      The Edinburgh library copy was the only copy I could find in an on-line collection. It would be interesting to learn where the “advice to women” description came from. An uncommon print!

  • bougieukiyo



    since the period is 1847 to 1850, then Ichimura Uzaemon would be XII or XIII and Ichikawa Kuzo would be II

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