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Can anyone identify the artist of this print?  It’s faded and filled with worm holes, but it has been professionally repaired.  I ran it through the ukiyo-e identifier and came up blank.  I’m curious as to why someone would invest the time and energy to repair this print.  Perhaps it’s a real oldie by one of the masters.  Anyway, thanks for the help.


  • MichaelO

    You have half of a diptych by Hiroshige III.  It is, essentially, a political cartoon created in the eighth month of 1868 during the Meiji restoration.  The print is entitled Tōsei nagatchiri na kyakushin, 当世長ッ尻な客しん , Guests Staying for a long time.  These prints are somewhat complicated to interpret, so I will leave that to others.

    A complete copy of the print can be found at the link below:

    The translation of the title and more information about Hiroshige III’s satirical prints can be found in Freya Terryn’s 2023 essay “Playful Pictures as Satire: Utagawa Hiroshige III Capitalizing on the Shift in Power During the Boshin War” published in Zawiszová, H., & Lavička, M. (2023). Voiced and Voiceless in Asia. Palacky University Olomouc at p.p. 265-292.

    Why it was repaired and where the other half went will have to remain a mystery—

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