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Ichiyôsai toyokuni caption identification


I think I found the seals and artist’s signature for this print but I cannot read the vertical caption in the top right hand corner. Could anyone help?

Artist : Ichiyòsai Toyokuni ga with Toshidama seal

Publisher: Matsumura Tatsuemon

Censors : Mera Ta- Ichiro , Murata Heiemon . Which can date the print between 1847-1850

Is that right?

Thanks for any help.


  • Horst

    The signature is read correctly; this makes the artist Kunisada I.
    The two censors Mera and Murata point to a date between 1847 and 1850.
    The print is a sheet of a kabuki multisheet composition (the print is not in my database).
    The mon on the kimono refers to a Chsuhingura play.
    The photo is too small to read the role name at the top right.
    The publisher logo is similar to Matsumura Tatsuemon, but the publisher cannot be Matsumura Tatsuemon. He was no longer active in the 1840s.
    A better image of the publisher logo is also desirable.

  • manuD

    title 大日生由良之助 Dainichi Yuranosuke

    publisher seal of Matsumura Tatsuemon active 1793-1832 according to Marks, who might be wrong after all

  • searchengine

    Thank you so much for your answers and help.

    I found additional information on the net about the name in the cartouche

    The second kanji should read as hoshi (star) and  the caption actually reads as Ôboshi Yuranosuke  which is the name of the leader of the 47 ronin, in Chûshingura . It all makes sense with what you both suggested. Thanks again



  • Horst

    Lucienne provided me with the larger foto.
    It’s a weird print.
    The kanji of the role name are "大星由良之助" (Ōboshi Yuranosuke).
    Yes, the publisher logo is that of Matsumura Tatsuemon. But since he had not been active for 15 years in 1847, it must be another (unidentified) publisher. Probably another very small publisher (called “mushroom publisher” by Robinson, meaning coming and going).
    No other print out of that time is known with this publisher’s logo.
    It is certainly not a reused print, the original of which was published by Msumura Tatsuemon; the style does not fit the 1820s or 1830s.
    Lucienne proposed that the depicted actor is Kataoka Nizaemon VIII.
    Since I agree with her that the actor is Kataoka Nizaemon VIII, things get even weirder.
    Kataoka Nizaemon VIII held the role of Yuranosuke in Kanadehon Chūshingura twice 1849/09 it was at the Chikugo no Shibai and 1849/11 Kitagawa no Shibai (Kyoto).
    What prompts Kunisada to illustrate a performance in the Kamigata region for Edo audiences?

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