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Hiroshige, date?


Hello, these two framed prints come from my grand parents’ house. approximately 16x24cm. According to my mum they’d been around since her childhood (early 1950s).

https://ukiyo-e.org/upload/04c1a4abce2217019f3ac6b3d69c5ed6  according to this search the one on the left is Hiroshige. The one on the right turns up no search results.

Any info on when the prints might date from?

Does the similarity in colouring between them indicate they’re of same origin, or simply that they’ve aged in similar conditions?

Any help appreciated, thanks for sharing the expertise

    • chris

      Lucienne Parkan, thank you very much for your reply. This is really interesting. If i understand correctly, the first (left) is a print from original blocks carved by Hiroshige. The second is a print from blocks carved by Shotei, who oversaw production of prints from older blocks until producing his own, in the style of Hiroshige. I suppose that explains the similarities.

      Any idea concerning how to date the prints? any way of knowing if they're later reproductions or produced by the artist himself?

      Thank you for the help

  • lucienne parkan

    For the Shotei print you should contact Marc Kahn (expert) click on his name at the bottom of the home page of https://shotei.com/ 

    submit your questions with a good image of your print.


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