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Hironobu Kamigata print


Just bought this print from Fujiarts – and there was very little information offered. I would really appreciate any information about the play and the characters, and perhaps a guess about the date. Many thanks, Rick

  • Violentfemmes

    Here is the url for the photo: https://data.ukiyo-e.org/uploads/images/8cca14f83e3df19618c6c75d40181600.jpg

  • manuD

    print by Hironobu, signing 廣信

    the actors are 中村翫雀 Nakamura Kanjaku and 實川 延蔵 Jitsukawa Enzô

  • manuD

    the role of Kanjaku is 女房かさ祢 Nyōbō kasane; that of Enzô is [絹川] 与右衛門 {Kinukawa] Yoemon. The title ends with 川堤, which means riverside, and the kanji before that (絹) could be read Kinukawa, but this did not help me find what Kabuki play is the subject of the print. I thank Lucienne for helping me read the roles.

  • Horst

    A small correction:
    not Jitsukawa Enzō (實川延蔵) but Jitsukawa Enjaku [III] (実川延若) as Hanyūmura Yoemon (羽生村与右衛門)in "Tsumagasane hagi no datezome" performed at the Chikugo theatre in 08/1867.

  • Horst

    My correction (thanks to Lucienne!):

    The actor's name on the print is Jitsukawa Enzō.
    I got confused by Hankyū Bunka, there the actor's name is given for some prints as Jitsukawa Enjaku (実川延若); on the print itself however  the name is written as Jitsukawa Enzō (實川延蔵).
    For example here:
    Obviously, the Hankyū Bunka people think that Jitsukawa Enzō is a stage name of Jitsukawa Enjaku (?).

    In any case, I was looking for a role "Yoemon" in a late Edo period, early Meiji period Osaka print.
    This was the only one I could find:

    And in this play, Nakamura Kanjaku III plays the role of Kasane:

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