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Help to identify this woodblock print



Anyone can help me to identify this stripe print?

Any idea about content? Author? Period? Value?

It seems like a manga.

Tanks everyone for the help you are offering to Japanese prints collectors and enthusiasts 🙂

I am not sure about the quality of the picture… If need higher quality, I can re-upload it.

  • manuD

    This must be an advertisement for Kabuki plays. The titles are in the right margin : 門松四天王 kadomatsu shiten'nō, 小栗長生殿 Oguri Chôseiden. Couldnt read the two other titles. The date is also given, year, month, in the Kyōhō era (享保 1716–1736) for all of them (同年 means the same year)


  • Marco

    Thanks Manu,

    You are helpful as usual.

    Here I added few zoomed pictures (in case it's more readable).

    Thanks for everything!


    Have you already seen this type of prints for Kabuki plays?

    Do you reckon this could be really from 1700'? Or most likely a more recent re-print?

    The print is in very good state, so I'd be surprised if it's so old...

    Thanks for any ideas you may sahre!

  • manuD

    I have never seen such prints. The woman in the rightmost print has the hairdo of the 18th c., The bad guy in the 3d print is Shoki Daijin the Demon Queller 鍾馗(しょうき) , but his name is not on the print.

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