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Help identifying this Kunisada print

NShmlm does not have this image. The title seems to be “Yoshitomo battles Nobuyori”, but I am not sure this is correct as Yoshitomo and Nobuyori were allies. Also I am not sure of the dates for this print; help! Thank you.

  • Horst

    The print has no title. "Minamoto no Yoshitomo (R) Battles Fujiwara no Nobuyori (L)" from this site: is a description that is incorrect.
    On the left is "uemon no kami Fujiwara no Nobuyori" (右衛門ノ頭藤原信頼) and on the right "sama no kami Minamoto no Yoshitomo" (左馬ノ頭源義朝).
    What is shown is evident from the text on the right panel (green cartouche below the horse).
    I can only partially read the text, but it begins with "Taikemon no gun yabu ..." (待覧門の軍破 ...) (military conflict at the taikenmon ...)
    It must be the scene where Yoshitomo comes to Nobuyori's aid after he gets into trouble (see

    The date "1815" is too early; Kunisada only used the spelling of "Gototei" in this form around 1820; I date the print to the mid 1820s.

  • NShmlm

    Thank you; I was indeed puzzled by the description in the Art of Japan website. From the japanesewiki website you recommended, it would perhaps make more sense for Yoshitomo to be replaced by his son, Yoshihira (who seem, according to the information on that website, to have rushed to the aid of Nobuyori). But perhaps artistic license is being used here? Thank you again.

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