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Help Identifying Silk Print


Hello, I hope you can help identify the artist of this small work on silk 24cm W x 20cm H

Some details that I hope will help

Markings on the rear after removing the very old frame mount, indicate. Due to several turbulent changes in national history during the 20th century. The date of sale of this work has been narrowed down, to the period 1950 to 1970, possibly originally being acquired before but no later than this range.

The signature is of Koichi Sakamoto according to the database, and it is signed in pencil which I believe to be consistent with the artists practice.  Ukiyo-e Signatures – artelino Page 22 top right vertical signature.

What I have not been able to do is find any other works online by this artist that match the style of the work, with exception to the colour pallet which does match. The Koichi Sakamoto works I have found references of are either later surrealist pieces or mid century stylised modernist works, and much less traditional than this artwork. Is this a Koichi Sakamoto? An earlier work? Or have I misidentified the work by the signature. I was told it was acquired by a collector of Oriental art as part of a country estate collection, of which there are numerous of significance in this area.


The colour pallet is restricted to yellow, gold, silver. black and a blue wash. The artists later tree details are missing from this work, instead replaced by silver abstract leaves printed atop of the tree silhouette but there is fine gold detail in the building roof and boat rigging that do represent Koichi Sakamoto’s later works, notable fine tree branch detail.

Both the frame and the silk condition that this is printed on is consistent with a work that is of quite some age. The frame I believe to be cherry wood and gold gilded, also consistent with high quality British/Irish mid century frames, 2 inch thick moulded with gold inlay. The frame would have cost quite a sum of money at a time when Ireland was not known for its material wealth. The frame would not look out of place in some of Irelands national museums.

If it helps I can try and take a proper photo with my DLSR of the work, signature and seal. The camera phone photo does this silk print absolutely no justice in detail or its wonderful blue hues and gold and silver metallic detailing.

I do hope you can shed some light on to this moonlit scene that I do very much adore.

Thank you so very much

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