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Help Identifying a Print


Hi all,

I’d really appreciate help in identifying the print attached, artist and publisher. It has proven quite a mystery so far. second page of the photo has a close up on the signature


Print 2

  • manuD

    Here is the little that I can contribute : the second character of the signature is 光. The seal is 歌川 Utagawa (but has certainly nothing to do with the Utagawa school of the 19th c.). Part of the title is 奈良雨の of rainy Nara

  • RoGi

    Thanks! I am a novice, so please excuse my ignorance. I am not sure why the seal has nothing to do with the school. My understanding is that the name Utagawa was taken by some of the artists associated with the school. Or am I missing something? BTW, I did google rain + Nara + Utagawa but could not find further information on this print. 


  • manuD

    Dont apologize, we are all on this forum to learn something new about Japanese woodprints. According to wikipedia (, the Utagawa school members were active until the end of Meiji, and your prints look more like shin hanga, There are 4 members with 光, none of them a likely author of your print. I had actually deciphered the whole title 奈良雨の夜援, but wasnt sure of 夜. Googling all this info does not lead anywhere. Maybe Nagy on the Asian Arts forum might help,

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