Eizan Kikugawa… somebody from Tamaya?

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Eizan Kikugawa… somebody from Tamaya?


Please, help to identify this artwork. Regarding the signature, seems to be Eizan Kikugawa’s artwork. However, I cannot find it anywhere in the public internet, catalogs or auctions, and even image searches give up. That’s why I doubt it’s his original work. Imitation, possibly?

This one is from a private collection and is a subject for restoration and conservation by a student, so any proofs, explanations and relative links, identifying it, are vital for the documentation and would be highly appreciated.


  • manuD

    Print by Eizan of a courtesan of the Tamaya house (玉屋内). The beginning of the name is Misa (みさ), I can't read the last character (the name is not Misayama). The title of the print is 風流三美人  Three fashionable/modern beauties, so one expects two other prints in the series or a triptych. Interestingly, Eizan produced another triptych with the same title, see collections.mfa.org/objects/526918. The publisher is Yamaguchiya Tōbei. There is a round kiwame seal.


  • Guy P.

    It must be the courtesan Misao (みさを).

    See also the rendering in kana of 'misao' (chastity; fidelity; honour; honor; faith) in the series title Fūryū misao kurabe (風流みさをくらべ), designed by Eizan.


  • manuD

    Thank you Guy, it is indeed Misao. I found a similar way of writing を by Chikanobu (waseda 100-5737). I was looking for a kanji with 戈

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