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Hello, I just found this beautiful woodcut (I think) in my local charity shop.
I am a complete novice when it comes to Japanese art and would really appreciate any information at all with regards to this.
it is framed and is printed onto what looks like fabric. In the bottom left hand corner are some very faint characters. Some within a circle and then others in two small rectangles.
The size of the print is 27cm h x20cm wide.

  • manuD

    It is indeed a woodprint, so called chirimengami-e, depicting a courtesan and a kamuro. It must be the right or middle panel of a multisheet composition, because the courtesan is looking to the left, there is an incomplete scene with man on the left and part of a construction on the right. It dates from 1850-1900. The round seal is a censor seal or more likely a date seal. The rectangular one is a publisher seal, maybe that of Wakasaya Yoichi

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