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Assistance with Inherited Prints – I


My husband recently inherited several prints from his grandfather’s estate. Based on documentation included with them, we believe my grandfather-in-law acquired them in the late 1920s in Boston from Bunkio Matsuki. The correspondence identified 4 of them as Meiji era re-cuts, but there are two mystery prints.

This is one of the mystery prints. This one has remained unidentified in all of the image searches we performed. Any clues?


Thank you!

  • manuD

    The print represents Fudo Myo-o, the guardian deity of waterfalls.

    the signature must be that of Yamada Shokei (active in the 1890s), signing 松渓

  • manuD

    the same signature is attributed to Koyama Shokei 小山松渓 (1863–1903). Elsewhere I found a birthdate of 1867 for Yamada Shokei, so I am no longer sure who the artist really is.

  • cbsutcliffe

    Thank you so much! This is much more than we knew before your kind research and gives us something to continue to study.

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