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Age of print by colours


Hi. Is it possible to date a print by the colours used?
This print has a limited range of colours. Is it likely to be 17th or 18th Century.
The database has no record of it.
Thanks in advance.

  • Horst

    In principle, prints can also be roughly dated based on the colors used.
    First, however, an approximate dating is made according to stylistic criteria.
    Or you can find an artist's signature, a publisher's logo, or an actor's name.
    In this case the artist is Okumura Masanobu, signature "Nihon gakō Okumura Masanobu shōhitsu",
    the actor Nakamura Shichisaburō (中村七三郎), and publisher Okumuraya Genroku.
    Date around 1720-25.
    Which does not mean that the present copy actually comes from this period.
    Such prints were recut during the Meiji period and later and also hand-colored like the originals.
    Whether original or recut can only prove a very thorough investigation.

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